Monday, November 14, 2011

Raw Milk and Baby Kissing

Fall is settling in here, or should I say Winter. It's nearing 40F outside and the snow level is lowering). It is lovely and we are enjoying it.

There have been some positive dietary changes in the Uleners house. We're really embracing a food renegade diet - all REAL foods, whole foods including raw milk. We spent a really awesome saturday in Sandy, Oregon at Pokrov farms learning about raw milk, drinking raw milk and snuggling adorable jersey cows. It was such a beautiful, inspiring day. The kids loved meeting the sweet cows who are giving us this yummy, buttery milk. Roel and I were inspired land-wise. We know that buying a large piece of wooded farmland is in our future, and we are positively giddy as we continue to find beautiful possibilities. We love the idea of our boys having tons of space to run around, and earth to grow lots of food and have some animals.

And speaking of those little darlings, I swear they get more and more precious by the day. Or maybe I'm just getting older and I'm appreciating them more, I don't know.

Our youngest, sweet baby Milo is almost 5 months old already. It's really hard to believe. He's making a lot of adorable word-sounds and rolling over. Mostly he just spends his days being kissed and squeezed by me; I can't seem to do anything else.

Life is boring, it seems, since I've got nothing more to report than milk drinking and baby-kissing...but in all honesty, I wouldn't want it any other way.

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