Wednesday, July 13, 2011

milo is awake sometimes and other (non)adventures

There's this funny thing that happens when your baby is too good. Like, when he sleeps maybe too much. Or when he never cries. You think, man, I hope it's okay that my baby is perfect and never does anything even remotely frustrating; I hope this is okay. Fortunately, milo stayed awake long enough for my mother to snap this photo of him. He really is cute awake. He has big blue eyes that are, (YAY!), exactly like mine. It's nice to see your eyes reflected back at you when you look at your babe.

Did I mention his chins? And how chintastic they are?

In between staring at milo, which has taken up almost every second of my life this past almost three weeks, I've managed to read a novel and watch a few episodes of the Cosby show. Sweet.

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