Thursday, June 30, 2011

milo jozef

finally, our lovely boy was born on june 25th - 10 days late! i delivered him myself - into water - at the andaluz waterbirth center. he was born inside his bag of waters. my midwives and sweet husband just stood beside the tub and whisper-cheered me on while i did my work. it was a dream birth.

milo weighed 9lbs 9.5ozs and was 21 3\4 in. long. he is big and wonderful. i'm so in love with him it's ridiculous.


Eddus said...

Congratulations on the beautiful new little person!

Ruthie said...

Your birth story chokes me up! Incredible entry into the world... well done, Mama! What a gorgeous little sleepyhead you have there! We send our love to all of you!

our national space said...

WOW! That's fantastic! Congratulations on your latest composition! I am very happy for you. This is really something (haha - of course, you know that). I will read up on your blog posts and catch up. You have all my warmest feelings :-)