Sunday, April 10, 2011

random and possibly (probably) pretty darn boring to read

Here are lots of crazy, unrelated blahing.

1. I think it's really disgusting how many strange people from all sorts of places all over the world came to look at my "holy naked baby" blog post. What disturbs me the most is why a bunch of strangers would want to come and see said post. So, I changed the title. People can be so amazing, but some of them can also be so disgusting. I do love seeing who have been visiting my blog, as I usually know most of them. But after all of this holy naked baby nonsense, I'm tempted to take the little ticker that shows me whose been here down because eww! Pervs, get your heads out of the gutter and find god or something. srsly.

2. I'm feeling good, at least I was feeling really marvelous until I decided it would be a great idea to let my two young sons throw a party where they invited several other young boys over to the house for more than SIX HOURS. At the end of this day, I experienced a brand of exhaustion I never want to revisit. And also pains and aches in places I would rather die than discuss.

3. I must be crazy, but GOOD crazy because a week or so ago my darling husband took me to Mother Nature's and bought me the super fancy this-is-all-you'll-ever-need super package of cloth diapers, cloth diaper clovers and supplies. So, I'm officially going to try and be a cloth diaper mama.

Pros: I actually enjoy diaper changing which is good because I will be changing A LOT of diapers. Cloth diapers need to be changed more than those nasty chlorine filled disposable kind. They are better for the earth! And, hello, money saving!

Cons: I have to wash them. okay..."con." Singular.

4. And lots of other stuff that would probably be boring for you to read. Roel is in Chicago on a business trip (boooo!). I broke my front tooth yesterday (hisss!). I have read my weight in books this month (YAY!). My belly looks like a missile (umm...). My sister and brother in law are coming to Portland on Wednesday and will be here for my birthday (Hooray!) I am very hungry most of the time. Like right now.


yaffle said...

sorry to hear about your tooth, ow! while you were enjoying your lads RAD PARTY for SIX HOURS I was on the beach for the same amount of time, totally climbing up rocks 'n shit. i was also peering into rock-pools trying to find ponyo for you. it was great! i'm sure your house party was good too though, ahahaha!

amazing baby will be amazing, yah!


We've used cloth diapers for both our chill-ren and will give you any advise you require. Cloth is so much better that disposies, mainly because they absorb better - no blowouts!

You'll be glad you did cloth!