Monday, April 4, 2011

The April Garden

Despite the chilly (rainy) spring weather, we decided to get our little potager garden underway. It might have been better to start our little garden next month when the sun is more...present...but I sort of felt urged to get things started since I won't have as much time or energy in the weeks to come when I'm cooing at a baby around the clock.

We are lucky to have a "blank space" at the back of our yard - a perfect, sunny spot to grow food and flowers. Also, Roel made this 'bean-tee-pee' under which we planted pole beans and morning glories. I have visions of a beautiful viny overgorwth the kids can hide from the heat in. I sort of let Simon have his way of where he wanted things planted (Jonas went MIA somewhere near the beginning of the project).

So there is corn, squash, watermelon, green onions, sunflowers, arugula, lettuce, calendula, cucumbers chamomile, basil, dill and fennel planted in no particular order over the 8' x 4' patch. The tomatoes will go into the topsy-turvey I begged for as a birthday gift. I have high hopes for this little garden. I also have hope that the sun will peak out enough this month to coax the tiny starts from their hibernation. We'll see!

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