Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the third trimester (ALREADY?!)

Today marks the first day of my third trimester. wow. I can't believe I'm here already. I wish I could slow it down, and at the same time I'm so excited to see baby M.'s sweet face. I am savoring every single moment of it, especially since it's my last pregnancy. I'm also enjoying how totally different this pregnancy is from my other two.

I'm considerably smaller this time. When I was pregnant with Jonas and Simon, I was pregnant from head to toe. This time I'm only pregnant in the belly and it's all up front like I've got a ball under my shirt. On top of that, I'm measuring a bit small - which I'm trying not to be too concerned about. This time I'm a lot more tired and sleeping a lot worse, too. I think it has to do with how M. is laying, and turning over at night is a chore. Also, the cravings are so different. This time food, especially desserts taste so wonderful. I have eaten almost every dessert I could find all over far. There are plenty more desserts to try!

These days, M. just moves and rolls and kicks and I just love every move and roll and kick. I spend alot of time squeezing his feet when I can find them (and when they aren't shoved up under my ribcage). I'm enjoying how he reacts to his brothers' voices, and Roel's. It's just a wonderful time in my life and I'm treasuring it. I'm also ridiculously grateful to my midwives, Dana and Adele. They are so great and supportive and I can't wait to jump into that tub!

Only what seems like a handfull of weeks to go...

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