Thursday, March 31, 2011

holy (not) naked baby (get lost pervs! there are no actual naked babies here for you to see. gah!)

it just dawned on me that this baby is going to be born in the next 6-10 weeks and I don't even have a diaper for him. I don't have a diaper, a t-shirt, a towel or washcloth. I don't have a bassinet or a changing table. I don't have...ANYTHING FOR THIS CHILD! How on earth did this happen? How did I get here so quickly and WHY did I not plan a baby shower so I could be more prepared?! I just hope he doesn't come early or I'm in big trouble.

So. I guess it's time to get to to the mother nature's for cloth diapers - this place is amazing! I bought my moby wrap there and the ladies were so helpful in showing me how to tie the thing. And to, I guess Target for some onesies or something or M. will be diaperless and naked. And we just can't have that.

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