Tuesday, February 22, 2011

stella (bella)

The things you do for love! We drove all the way to Visalia on Friday, which took 15 hours (because of nasty weather and Sacramento traffic) just to pick up our cat, Stella. I have to admit, after not living with her for two and a half years, I had some reservations about displacing her, but after some urging from the kids and positive encouragement from friends (thanks ru & e.) we decided it was best she was back with her family.

Stella (who we also call Bella) was born on Roel's fleece about 5 years ago. Her mother was Honeysuckle Milkshakes - a sweet, orange tiger who disappeared one day and never returned. the entire litter of kittens were just about the best kittens ever, and Stella is no exception. We are so glad we made the ridiculously long trip there and back to bring her home to Portland.

Now our family is almost (just a few months to go!) complete. And now I'm not the only female in the house ;-)

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