Wednesday, February 2, 2011

oh boy!

This morning roel and I found out we are having our third son. another son!
We laughed through the entire sonogram. As she glided the wand down over my belly it was CLEAR he was all man. It was as though he spread his legs and screamed, "STOP CALLING ME A GIRL!" In profile he looks quite a bit like Jonas, but we also got a good view of his lips, and baby those are Simon's! This little fellow looks to be a good combo of both his brothers.
I don't know how said brothers will take this news today... I hope they find joy in it, though yesterday Simon did say, "But if it's a boy then why did we do all this work?!"
Roel and I are really happy with this news. Boys - I know what to do with boys! Now comes the hard part - naming him. The hard part and the super fun part! Please submit your ideas.

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How 'bout a real butch name like Rex or Dart or Biff.

or Butch!