Friday, January 28, 2011


so, i've got this ten year old boy named jonas. he is my first-born son and he's pretty amazing. i was barely more than a child when i gave birth to him, and i sort of feel like we're raising each other - which is only a tiny part of why i'm very grateful to him for choosing me to be his mom. anyway, jonas is really super sensitive, really super kind and REALLY SUPER ARTISTIC. this kid has a gift with the pencil and paper, if you know what i mean. he loves manga, dragons and his hair a very particular way - long in the front and swept to the side. he doesn't like aliens and/or UFO's, and when he was a baby he liked to tell roel and i about the angel-orbs that flew above his bed at night. that's my boy!

today, one of jonas' v-town friends emailed him the december newsletter from his previous school in which a little girl wrote a very cool article about my radical son. scroll all the way to the bottom...

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