Thursday, January 6, 2011

the eagle has landed. and the owl.

we. are. here.

I can hardly believe it myself, and I wouldn't if I weren't so tired. But we made it and I am so happy. Our neighborhood is gorgeous - feels like a camp retreat. Our house is small and cozy. The kids' school is tiny and awesome. And we are here.

In Portland, Oregon, that is.

And that's really all the news there is right now. The belly is still very tiny but trying to grow. At nearly 17 weeks I'm still wearing my regular clothes and I still haven't felt the nudger nudge. I'm trying not to be alarmed by it because all babies are different and this baby seems to be a mystery in every way. It stays quiet and towards my back; it's a gentle little bird. But, yeah. I wish it would knock a bit harder so I could feel.

And other than that I'm getting ready to dive into my writing again. And reading. Oh, by the way, have you read 'Water for Elephants'? Gosh, what a delicious book.