Wednesday, December 15, 2010

potpourri (which i'm pretty sure means 'putrid pot' in french)

Gosh, there is a lot going on. I thought I'd mash it all up in this post in an attempt to consolidate the bloggering. I'm not a very good consolidator: be warned.

So, yeah, lets get this out of the way first - because there is nothing more annoying than girls who go on and on about their being knocked up. I am still prego. Going into that heavenly non-vomity second trimester. Hallelujah. My belly is getting that nice right out in front roundness that doesn't quite say "pregnant", but also doesn't say "fat." It kind of says, "I've had a few too many" or "I need to cut down on my gummy bear consumption."

I met a goal. I mean, one of those BIG LIFE GOALS. In Broken English, the band of glorious musics I am honoured to have been part of since its conception has successfully produced its second album. The thing that makes this more important is the fact the we are signed by a rad record label and have marketing peeps and it's all super legit. and amazing. I received two advance copies of the beautiful CD - I mean, I've got to give it to Yannick - the cover art is gorgeous. It will be released for public sale in January. And that means royalties, baby.

My next goal is to finish my novel and publish that thing. Meeting goals feels awesome.

And thirdly, after much looking and...looking and. freaking. looking. Roel and I have found a home in Portland. Rather, Roel found us a lovely home in Portland. It is in northwest portland in a rad non-cookie-cutter tiny court. Tons and tons of forest, trees, and other foresty forestness - which is the thing that recharges my battery. Tons of yard for planting food in raised beds. We will be renting this house - something i'm really glad about actually, and living in Portland during the week, the Olympic Peninsula on the weekends. That's where Roel and I would really like to invest in buying - even if its just a funky sea-forest-side cabin. Anyway, I'm thrilled. Overjoyed. and I can't wait until the end of december to settle there with my boys and inflated belly.

Also, there is a blueberry-bush lined path from our house to the kid's school. Hello walking breakfast!

I hope this holiday season finds all of you well. I love you all. I mean, the ones of you I actually know. I honestly can't believe you read all the way to the end of these catastrophic ramblings. Then again, I'd read to the end of yours. When it comes to my people, I have a hard time abstaining from my overzealous adoration. But that's just who I am, and I adore you guys. I love my people.

Merry Christmas. and Kwanzaa. and Hanukkah. and....whatever my atheist people do this time of year. ;-)

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Very good news, Callie! I love you and your family. God bless you and yours during this holiday season!