Wednesday, October 6, 2010


yesterday i was in the car belting out 'ding, dong merrily on high' when i realized that randomly singing christmas carols throughout the year is just something i do. i was at a gas station and gas was pumping (at an alarmingly fast rate i might add) into the gas tank while i was singing said christmas song when i began to wonder if i had other quirks or if this was the only one.

partial segue: i know all of the people i know have quirks. and i know the quirks of the people i know best. i love my people's quirks, and i love that i know them because it gives me the superior sense of having really known somebody. which makes me feel ultra special. which is dumb, i know.

anyway. gas was pumping while i decided to make a mental list of my other quirks - the ones i know about. yes, i realize this is egotistical, and i'd apologize for that if i were still on my eckhart tolle kick. i gave that up a while back, though. thank the lord.

yeah. so here are some of my quirks a.k.a. lame habits:
must always run the back of my hand a long a wall when i pass it.
must sing christmas carols throughout the year
must pull out my falling out hair and throw it on the floor. ( i realize this is disgusting)
must not allow random acts of harmonizing with my singing. i will stop singing.
must always look at the clock at both 11:11 and 4:18
must listen to music at an odd-numbered volume. normally 11 or 13.
must leave tea bag in tea until tea is gone. otherwise tea experience is void. always chamomile.

i will probably add to this list as i think of new ones. or my friends enlighten me.

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yaffle said...

Hmm, do I have any quirks... NO! I approve of the carol singing, also the pulling of hair out is good because birds will use it for their nests, this will bring you closer to nature - literally! (guffaw).

One thing i have noticed is that I say the word bullshit all the time, which I hate doing.