Saturday, October 23, 2010

a blog entry in which i complain about the other sort of dreams i have

i saw that movie inception several months ago while roel and i were driving through oregon and washington. it was a really good movie, and i was kind of glad somebody touched on the subject of waking from one dream into another because this is something that happens to me all the time. minus leo being there which, lets face it, is a good thing.

cut to the point: my brother has been having some trouble with his girlfriend. i am slightly put off by said girlfriend because she is hurting my brother. i love my brother and do not tolerate him being hurt very well. so, last night i'm dreaming that the girlfriend is visiting me in some sort of apparition. she is wearing a crisp, white shirt which makes me like her even less. i ask her what she wants from my brother and she says, "I just want him to say yes." i ask her what that means but she just tells me he knows. and then she tells me about when she was younger and worked in a grocery store. m'kay.

so, i wake up from that dream into another dream where i'm screaming but my face is paralyzed so i can't scream. so, i go wandering the streets not-screaming but trying to scream. meanwhile, i'm conscious of the fact that i've woken into another dream and that, in that moment, i'm dreaming. and none of its real. gah.

and then i wake up in the morning and my nose and throat are all full of blood from the chemicals my mom likes to clean with (chemicals are BAD!). and i can't breathe and i wish that instead i had dreamt about unicorns and forests like i normally do. and even a headless yaffle would have made this dream better. or rather, dream in a dream in a dream. so overrated.

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yaffle said...

I just tried to put on a hat and it fell straight onto my shoulders, this can mean only one thing: YOU'RE STILL DREAMING.