Monday, September 20, 2010

creating a percentage of fiction by incorporating one's dreams into their works of non-fiction. can it be done?

Well, Lord Tennyson might have thought so. In his work, The Higher Pantheism, he wrote, "Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?"

I began to ponder this a couple of days ago when I was roused from a strange dream of my own. It was one of those dreams that felt realer than real. In the dream I was doing no more than sitting with a friend watching a very strange film (that happened to include white-unicorn-headed animated boys and 1970's style hippie narration.) Not exactly chimerical, but in the dream I felt content and intrigued and inspired. I also woke up feeling that way, a feeling which lingered and lingered.

I mailed the friend early the next morning because this friend and I share a radical, quantum, super-bond. I just needed to tell him about it. And just like I know that something probably very strange and wonderful will be born of this little dream-seedling sometime in the future, I knew there was a deeper meaning to it. A meaning I would need to ponder for thought's sake. So, I began to think about the dream, which led me into wondering what might happen if I incorporated pieces of this dream (and others) into my non-fiction.

And then the philosopher in me wondered if incorporating these bits of night-truth would make for a fraction of day-truth in my non-truth. thus making it an eensy weensy bit, non-fictional-fractionally-fictional-but-mostly-non-fictional-fiction. You following? Still reading?

I know. It sounds a bit strange. But plausible, right?

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Ruthie said...

Night-truth! (she said, triumphantly)