Thursday, September 2, 2010

beta songs: or how songs come of songs: or the story of 'kids in parks at night.'

back story: a million months ago, one of my partners in musical crime sent me a guitar track. as usual, i was required to write the song and record my part of the singing. then he would add his harmonies etc. thing is, my brain heard the song, imagined words, and heard a different melody entirely. so, i told steve(n) that i'd come up with a ukulele part for this new song, this beta song. so now, the melody sounds nothing like the alpha melody. he asked me, as any sane music-partner would, what of the old song was in the beta song. the answer? nothing. and everything. because it's all about the flavor, yo. and the tone. it's all about what the music evokes.

you can hear the beta song here. (it's right under the owl pie).

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