Monday, August 9, 2010

Beaches and Hohs

me and boy in La Push's Quilleute rez's 2nd beach
my backside pondering how feggun gorgeous it is here

me in the Hoh rainforest, future sight of raddest commune in history

I've returned from what has been, for sure, the loveliest trip of my life. I mean, it was lovely in the sense that it was very relaxing - but even more, the pacific northwest is the most beautiful place i've ever seen. Ever. Oh, and did I mention I've seen a helluva lotta places?
In short, the man and I drove up to Eugene, Oregon and spent the night with my BFFFF, Megan. It was rad and her bed is very comfortable as her parents spent a small fortune on it and it is made from some sort of tree bark. Quite awesome. Then we drove up to Portland, then Seattle to hang with some homies, then to Washington's Olympic Peninsula. I'm thinking the Gods must like this area best in the world because, I swear it, no place is better and it wins the rad of radness award of radness.
We drove around the entire peninsula - and I'm not going to lie to you - we stayed in both Forks and La Push. I will not bore with photos of me standing in front of the Forks sign, in front of the 'no vampires beyond this point' treaty lign sign in La Push, nor will I bother you with any fan girl nonsense that includes Quilleute Indian Reservations or Forks High Schools. You are thanking me for this, I know. I'm also thanking me for this.
I will bore you with the photos at La Push's second beach, above, where you can sit around a beach bonfire and play with squirrels (the way Eddus says it, not the way I say it) and play in sea-caves. And I will bore you with me in what I think might be the perfect commune location in the Hoh rainforest.
There are details, peeps. Details like how the glacial waters make the Olympic's rivers jewel-box blue, and how the cloud banks hang low around the mountains, and how the forest is heavy with moss and magic.
Also, most people seem to drive Subarus, ride their bikes on the highway and eat lots of Thai food which is fine because I like Subarus, bike-riding and Thai food. Also, the coffee is plentiful as are radical diners with names like Kountry Kafe and Granny's Kitchen. All things I support.
Roel had an amazing job interview in Portland that went amazingly well and it is very hard to be patient and wait and not write run-on sentences. I will keep all of you posted as we move forward on this exciting adventure that is leading us to Oregon, but neh - prolly Washington because Washington wins and you can commute from Washington to Portland.
Oh, and I read Will Grayson, Will Grayson by David Levithan and John Green. It is a story about two boys named Will Grayson whose lives cross. It is also about boys falling in love with other boys and a musical. The book is amazing and wins.


MaddoxHardcore said...

Oh Callie face, it looks so beautiful.

Also I just sat here saying 'squirrels' out loud in different accents.
Did you know, in Welsh, rubbish is 'Ysbwriel' (Yus-bur-ee-ul)and I used to run around with my little cousin saying 'Squirrel in the Ysbwriel!' over and over.

Yeah I don't know either.

yaffle said...

You and your boy are total beach bums. I wanna explore the forest with youssssssssss!

Ruthie said...

your backside is worth pondering. dude, that was like the most beautiful picture you posted, i think. oh, and you're right-- roel's beard is grrrrreat. love you guys. back in visalia?

Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

It's wonderful to see you ♥


Glad to see your back. and front. and sides.

You're 27, right? Because you look like you're 27 in these pics.

Belgusa said...

This is priceless nothing like our station but seeing these pics and reading how oyu are makes me feel like you are back here in Antwerp