Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the prodigal daughter has returned...briefly

Well, here I am. I'm home.
And I've gotta admit, I wasn't singing songs from the OC when my airplane landed in LAX. I was singing songs of, "get me the hell out of this flying machine before I go ape-sh*t." An offering of advice: don't fly US Airways...ever. Gross.
Here I am. In the valley. It's great to be with the family. Spending time with my mom and sis is fantastic. I have yet to call a single friend - which I know could be perceived as 'bad'. I love y'alls - I'm just totally beat. I'll call soon. Promise.
I went on some hikes with my sister up in the park. It was great. We've been loving the solidarity we've missed so much. With a little luck my brother will be flying in from D.C. in a couple of weeks, which - if my other brother hadn't gone and died of leukemia - would make me feel oh-so-complete. Please don't be offended at my off-color death-brother jokes. Trust me, If Bryan were alive, he'd laugh. We've all got a very sick sense of humor, it's just how we roll.
So, here I am in the 108 degree heat. But it's ok, that's what the AC is for. And in a few weeks I'll be in the coolness of the pacific northwest. Sweet!
I haven't been writing (since I'm waiting on a hand-me-down laptop), and I've only picked up my uke once, though I have been working on some song-lyrics for a collaboration I'm doing with Steve(n). I look forward to getting back into my creative rhythm.
The point is (if there is one), it's great being home for now, but boy am I itching to get our lives going up in Oregon. Yeah!

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yaffle said...

the valley girl is back in the valley! we don't have AC here in shitsville, so I have to make do with the occasional breeze from a passing moth.

also, quit neglecting your uke or I will put it in a home for neglected instruments.