Friday, June 18, 2010

Reading Together

I have two sons. The oldest is Jonas, who we also refer to as Anthony (his middle name), Tony and Chauncy. He is 9. The youngest is Simon, who we also call Edward (his middle name) Eddy and Chuck. Simon is 7. If you know my boys, you will know they are creative, intense and are hard to reign in. Well, I don't really make an effort to reign them in--that would be futile. And plus, I like them as they are. I can relate to them easily.
One thing Jonas-Anthony and Simon-Edward really, really are: readers. These boys, like me, love the books. I love that they love books, and we love, love, love to read together.
Last night we finished the Percy Jackson Demi-God series by Rick Riordan. As I read the last line of the last (5th) book, the boys were both a little misty eyed. They were heartbroken that it had come to an end. I think this is the first time they'd ever experienced traveling such a long journey with a group of characters, and ending it was bittersweet for them. This is something else I could completely relate to.
Besides just loving the story and characters, through Percy Jackson we learned so much about Greek mythology! The boys are familiar with most of the Gods now, and also with many of the minor Gods. This was a fantastic series that I recommend to young readers, or as a book to read together. Not only is there a lot to learn, but there's a lot to feel--and there's tons of humor.
Next we'll be reading Rick Riordan's series about the Egyptian Demi-Gods. I can't wait!

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