Wednesday, June 2, 2010

it's the final countdown

Isn't that the best/worst song ever? I remember my friend Carrie getting a new T-bird for Christmas one year. We celebrated her amazing gift by cruising Visalia, listening to Europe's 'Final Countdown' over and over and over. I had a perm at the time. Not cute.

I've gotten sidetracked before I've even begun. This is not a good sign. I don't blame you if you stop reading (3..2..1..) now.

And now for the real reason behind this post: we are returning to America. I mean, we are returning, like, soon! Our plane is scheduled to leave Brussels on the 23rd of this month...June. We will arrive in Los Angeles by way of Philly the same day.

I haven't even begun to pack. To be honest, there won't be much to pack. We're leaving most of our stuff here to put into the little apartment we are planning to buy. So, I'm going to throw some clothes and books (there are some I re-read so often, it would be painful to separate myself from them) into a bag, and I'm off. Roel will join us the end of July, at which point he and I will drive up to Portland and get things organized there. Yes, our plan is to settle part-time-permanently in Portland, Oregon.

Our other part-time-permanent will always be Antwerp. Antwerp is our home, too. Antwerp is my home, too.

So, I'll be spending a few weeks with my mother which means endless traveling, theological discussions in which I have no steam to even attempt to defend myself, shopping, avoiding all of the food she cooks that I can't eat, and last but most...writing, writing, writing. I assume I'll be writing all night while the rest of the house sleeps.

I finished the first half of my first draft and its going so well. Novel-writing is rad. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Also: music. always, always: music. I will continue writing and recording with the band ( I'll continue making music on my own and with Steve Gwynne and Mai. I'll continue being the much more independent girl I've become since I flew the coop/country and finally, finally figured out who the hell I am.

I love you all.

ps: if you live in the city of antwerp and you want to rent the best house ever on the most amazing street ever, email me at:


yaffle said...

Europe will soon be less rad, boo!

Ruthie said...

Nuts! I'm excited...


Someday I will meet you! Portland's closer than Antwerp! :)