Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Groentekalender (vegetable Calendar)

Our kid's awesome school ( ) has begun a wonderful new initiative. The kids can only bring fruit that's grown in Belgium and in season for their fruit pause (a break where they eat a fruit they bring from home). The challenge for me was learning what grows in Belgium, and in which season since it's very different from California.

Check out this rad site where they inform what is grown in Belgium when. This is a great resource!

On a side note, I have really appreciated Zeppelin, the school they've been attending. We will really miss this school! It's a mecca for creative children (and hippie parents like me!). The classes never have more than 15 kids, and their method is strange and wonderful. If you live in Antwerp and you're looking for a wonderful school, try this one. Oh and go to their website to see some great photos from the Lentefeest. If you look hard enough, you'll see me and the fam. in there.

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yaffle said...

fruit pause is a genius name.