Monday, April 12, 2010

two and a half months out

There is a lot happening. There is a lot going on. I think its good to share these "deets" because it makes them all feel so much more real, though - I must admit, my life has always felt just slightly surreal.

Thing one: I've been scoping out airline tickets this morning. The kids are sitting behind me watching "Jaws" and I'm looking for cheap flights from Brussels to Washington D.C. where my big brother, Scott lives. He wanted some time with his sister (that's me!) and I can't resist him because he's precious. So...instead of flying straight to my beloved west coast, I'll be taking a few days in D.C. with Scotty tissue. I'll be flying home alone with the boys while Roel stays behind and works for another month. After a few days of teaching the kids the flag salute and how to sing the battle hymn of the republic, we'll fly to Californ-i-a. I'll be the one on the plane singing that gawd-awful theme song from the O.C. with only the kind of feverish fervor that someone like me can. Then I'll be home.

Leaving Belgium will be bittersweet, but not really a big deal. See, Roel and I have discovered that we don't - we can't - just live in one place. We have one foot in Europe and one foot in America. That's just our life, that's just what it is. So, we're putting most of our things into storage here. As soon as we can more easily afford it, we'll buy a small apartment here in Antwerp and spend long summers and vacations here. No Problemo. But for now, we're moving home.

As my Dad used to say: "It's been real, it's been fun, it hasn't been real fun."

Thing one and a half: We'll be hunkering down in Visalia for a bit of time, but that too will be impermanent. We're thinking of it more like an extended reunion...BUT...the kids will probably be attending school there for a while, maybe up to a year. Roel and I will be spending several days in August driving from Visalia all the way up to Vancouver, B.C. to scope things out. We're pretty sure we'll settle permanently in the Portland, Oregon area - but we'll also be scoping out parts of Washington State. We love the pacific northwest; that's going to be home. We're going to Vancouver because I'm dying to go to Museum of Anthropology at the University of B.C. I can't resist totem poles, they excite me.

Thing two: Since my computer got stolen, and the book I was writing with it...well, it's been depressing. But then the other day I got a lightning strike from the goddess of writing (which goddess would that be?) and knew exactly how to revise my original idea to make it better. So far, I'm halfway through what is the rough draft of chapter one. It feels so good. It feels so right!

Thing three: I'm working on just the best and most fun new song with my Wisconsin homegirl, Mai a.k.a. Dirty Old Boot a.k.a. DOB. She's a brilliant musician who plays multiple instruments at the same time and has the voice of an angel. We've written one song together before which turned out to be one of the most awesome projects i've ever been a part of. This, though I didn't know it were possible, is even better. We're singing about, you guessed it, vampires. Her favorite vamp is Count Chocula, mine is Wesley Snipes. Ok, not really Wesley Snipes...

Thing four: Reading. You had to know this was coming, right? Roel and I got the second book in The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire. Roel is reading it first since I decided to re-read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I wanted to be ready for when the Elcipse film comes out in June, then I couldn't stand to NOT read Breaking Dawn after I finished Eclipse. Yes, I'm a dork. No, I don't care that you think I'm a dork. If you think the Twilight Saga is just some dumb book series for teenagers, you're wrong. It's a beautifully written story with amazing characters - it's thoughtfully written etc. etc. I can't say enough about it (to the annoyance of everyone around me). I'm a twi-hard. I admit it. Just to prove my twi-hard-ness I'll admit that I sent my poor husband to the bookstore on Saturday to pre-order "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" which comes out on June have to know I'm just dying inside and I can't wait to have it in my hot hands. He even called me from the bookstore to ask if I knew it was being released online for free and did I still want a hard copy....DID I STILL WANT A HARD COPY???? ummm...YES!!!

Also, the boys and I are reading The Percy Jackson Series together. We're on the third book. It's so much fun reading with Jonas and Simon. They love it, I love them.

I think that about wraps it up. We're enjoying our Easter vay-cay, I'm enjoying reading and writing and making music, I'm really looking forward to moving back home to the USA in just two and a half months AND...i'm hoping that all of you, dear friends, are being as inspired and having as much fun as I am. I mean, My surreal life is just as dreamy and magical as my "real" life. I hope yours is too. After all, there are so many things to see and discover - and so many things to discover that we can't see!

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yaffle said...

you may be right that sharing deets makes things feel more real, I never share anything with anyone and so consequently all the plans I have never come to fruition, they just rot in me brain!

Jaws is amazing.

one more thing, I just ate the most delicious cherry danish, my god. RILLY GOOD. had to tell ewe.