Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the snow, the boys

I've really been enjoying our winter wonderland, though I must admit I miss the sun. I have a feeling that during our summer back home in Visalia, I will miss the below-zero weather and this white stuff floating around our faces. Walking to the grocery store has become an adventure in this weather, but I love how the sky looks as white as the snow and how yummy a hot cup of tea tastes when its so cold outside.

Here are a couple photos of our 'hood' all covered with snow.

Though Halloween isn't the dress-up occasion it is in the states, carnival is. I let the kids decide what they wanted to "be" this year. Simon wanted to be a vampire which isn't too surprising. I mean, with his almost translucent white skin and his naturally brooding self, it was a very appropriate costume. To be honest, I think he looked 100% gorgeous.

Jonas opted for the cat costume. I searched everywhere for cat ears and tales etc, but after hours of disappointment, I decided to knit them myself. I think they turned out really cute, and Jonas made an adorable cat.

It's been a very special winter so far. Apart from the bits of bad luck I've had, I've also had some really good, creative ideas which I will soon put to good use. Roel is sharing his computer with me when he can, which is nice. Hopefully I'll be back to writing soon and getting all those crazy words out of my head once again.


Eddus said...

What lovely photographs! Your hood looks delightful! I love the boys' costumes too <3

yaffle said...

you must be counting the days until summer! I remember being a kid at halloween, I dressed up as a punk.

captcha code is crummi, like it's trying to tell me something :'(


I can only imagine the incredible string of words and musical notes that are bouncing around your cranium at the moment. I can't wait!

In the meantime, I'll work on my next cover of your songs.....