Tuesday, February 9, 2010

doing without: so far

*this blog brought to you by the letter 'P' for Positivity and the number 11 for being the best number of all.*

Lately my life has been dominated by a certain theme: doing without. I assume at this point you're preparing yourself for several paragraphs of me complaining about what lack has done to me, but I want to reassure you, this is a no whine blog, so relax.

Let me go back to the beginning of November, that's when I gave up alcohol and all dairy products (this was strongly advised by my homeopathic physician). I know that giving those foods up may seem a silly thing to have done, it did to me, too. What it came down to was this: I could live without them; they didn't truly benefit me in any way. I'll admit, the first couple of weeks were hard, and if you think passing up a glass of wine is hard, try passing up cheese! Now, three months later, I'm sleeping better and feeling better and I'm glad I gave them up. Things can always change, but for now living without both dairy and alcohol feels like a permanent decision.

Then, of course, there's the theft. That guy stole my computer, which I'll be the first to admit I'm a slave to. My Ipod, which I was convinced I couldn't live without etc. etc. Now, more that a week later, I'm realizing how precious this gift is, yes, I said gift.

The first couple of days I didn't know what to do with myself. No email checking? No blog reading? And most importantly, no song recording or book writing? The first few days were painful to say the least. Now, though, I feel like I've been handed the gift of time, and I've been using it to analyze how I've been spent it in the past.

I know that someday I'll have a computer again, but for now I'm fine using Roel's from time to time. The thing I lean on when I'm craving medical searches and youtube videos is this: I can live without it; It doesn't truly benefit me in any way. Now I'm enjoying re-reading old books, yoga stretches, morning devotions, walks where you hear people noises and not ipod noises and a more balanced day.

I'd like to think that everything happens for a reason, and although I wish my things hadn't been stolen that day, I'm appreciating what I'm learning from it. Likewise, although alcohol is tasty and wonderful and does have health benefits and although cheese is quite possibly the most delicious thing to eat ever, I'm loving not relying on wine to relax in the evening, and I'm really enjoying not suffering from the horrific side-effects of lactose intolerance.

I guess the only question now is, what should I give up next? I'm thinking a return to vegetarianism might be in order...


yaffle said...

I gave up... just in general.

might copy your yoga routine though.

our national space said...

Much of what freedom is seems to be "freedom from . . ." - freedom from your need or desire, for instance. Being able to have things 'online' in the 'cloud' computer world seems like a good cheat: keep a blog but not a computer - upload a video but don't store it on a hard drive (just online) - have an email but don't check it often. Soon can we all be there, free from things? (and borrowing yaffle computer hahaha) ....

I'm still sorry your stuff got stolen :-(