Sunday, December 13, 2009

unnecessary undulating: a week in review

Holy cow, I love my family.  This is the strangest group of people; I'm totally privileged to live with them.  Where do I even begin...

Simon is just hilarious.  So weird, so serious.  And a big fan of sexy teen vampires.  

Jonas is still memorizing every detail of every character of every DC comic book.  The boy is making his uncle proud.  

My kids are geniuses; they are also awesomely funny and completely strange.

Then there was last night.  Roel had tickets to see 'Daan' in concert.  This is where the unnessecary undulating comes in.  It was so surreal.  It was as though everyone "got it" except for me.  All the people were undulating and doing this weird lasso-finger-motion and making the obligatory "woooo" sounds and clapping.  But the guy was just bad.  He ripped off a lot of artists that I really respect and...ugh!

If you're into self-inflicted-pain-due-to-bad-music, here's his website:

The Belgians love him.  I am not a Belgian.

Oh yeah, and check out the photo Roel snapped of the lovely "hotel lard palace".  Come visit me and I'll book you a room there.


yaffle said...

of course you have a crazy family of awesomeness, because they have you!!

listening to this daan character now... the exes song... he rhythms exes with texas and sexes, and then LEXUS! incredible talent.

book me a room at lard land.

our national space said...

your husband daan is handsome - yum

who else is going to sing about axes?

callie said...

OMG; when he performed that song THAT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING!!!!