Monday, October 26, 2009

The Raddest Pumpkin soup of all time

A couple of weeks ago my friend Maxine gave me a small pumpkin.  It was really the ugliest pumpkin I'd ever seen, knobby and misshapen, so I figured I'd reserve it for cooking.  

Saturday evening after we returned form seeing UP! (which is amazing!), we needed to warm up from the damp, chilly weather so I decided to throw together a pumpkin soup which incidentally turned out to be the best pumpkin soup I have ever tasted.  It is yummy and really flavorful with an awesome consistency, almost like a thin chowder since I mashed the soup instead of pureeing it.  

Try it for yourself, and let me know how it came out!  you won't be disappointed, and hey, this stuff is packed with Vitamin C to beat off that swine flu!

the raddest pumpkin soup of all time

1 chopped onion
4 cloves garlic, chopped
Sautee the onions and garlic in 1/4 c. butter with 1TB. olive oil

When onion go transparent, add 2L. (8 cups) chicken stock
then add:
1 small (approx 3 pound) pumpkin peeled and cubed
2 peeled, cubed potatoes
2 peeled, sliced carrots
2 peeled, chopped apples 
juice of one orange
2-3 t. pumpkin pie spice
11 grinds of pepper (or 10 or 12;-)

Boil for 20-30 minutes, till very soft, then mash with your Aunt Lila's potato masher (If you don't have a beloved Aunt Lila, you can use your own masher).  Make sure the soup is still just slightly chunky.

Then add 1/2 C. heavy cream

Spoon into bowls then drizzle with a bit of cream...mmmm...perfect!


yaffle said...

ugly pumpkin soup sounds delicious.

Eddus said...

That's fabuuu! I love pumpkin soup so much, I'll give it a go. I actually had pumpkin ravioli for din-dins tonight. <3

our national space said...

I wish you'd share your Aunt Lila . . .