Monday, October 5, 2009

Lexi's Afghan

Recently my extraordinarily small family was graced with a new baby to love!  Baby Lexi was born to my cousin (and childhood bff) Derek and his wife stephanie.  (hey, Ru, you might know stephanie, she works as a check-out girl at save mart in Mary's vineyard - i know, superfluous information!). 

Anyhow, new babies are always special, but I somehow feel they're extra special for us since we have so few relatives.  I wanted to knit the baby something she could enjoy as a keepsake and something to snuggle into, so I made this afghan with extra soft off-white wool in a "little shells" pattern.  

Here's the deal...the pattern turned out beautifully and the whole thing is very well done except for one thing: I HATE the shape of it.  It's rectangular.  Rectangular afghans are perfect for adults but I'm not sure how they are for a child.  Granted, the afghan is big enough for her to curl up in until she's a teenager, but I believe baby blankets should be square or only slightly rectangular.  Anyhow, maybe I'm being too hard on myself, I don't know.

Along with this afghan, I'm sending bottles of deKoninck beer and tons of candy for everyone to munch on. I miss my family and friends so much, but I'm glad Lexi will have hugs from me in the form of a far-too-rectangular afghan (with love in every stitch).


yaffle said...

a wonderful blanky you have knitted.

Ruthie said...

super cool. love the shells pattern. i say the rectangle is good, extends its functionality, and the pattern and softness still speaks of babyhood. nice work!

our national space said...

That's a beautiful shape - what a wonderful and timeless gift! :-)

Andrew said...

Awesome! How big is it? I think rectangle works for babies; if the short length reaches neck to feet you can wrap it around with the long length and be extra cozy =]

Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

I'm wearing your scarfy today! Wearing it is like recieving a perpetual Callie hug ♥

Congrats on the new baby relative!