Tuesday, July 28, 2009

wenn ich ein vöglein wär (if i were a little bird)

These kind of collaborations always amaze me.  I make a little song, or in this case sing a cover of an old folk song, and Yaffle breathes life into it.

I was so moved by DH Lawrence's 'The Ladybird'.  Within the short story I discovered some lines to this wonderful little song.  I dug around and could only find scary boys choir versions...boys singing in the alps, boys singing in fields, boys singing in their school choir.  Something had to be done!  This is, lyrically, one of the dearest songs I've ever heard, have ever sung.  And visiting somebody you miss in dreams is such a universal remedy to the angst of separation.  I often say prayers of thanks in the morning when I wake from a long talk with my Dad, or having glimpsed the face or presence of people I miss who are far from me. 

I'm constantly amazed with Yaffle, how hard he works to pull these little 2 minute pieces off.  I'm no animator, and to be honest, I can't imagine the sort of work that goes into this.  What I do know is how grateful I am to have a friend in him; he always seems to completely understand.  I don't think I could trust my songs to a different animator; in fact, I wouldn't.  

I'm so thankful to all of the people who support my work; who don't beg me to shut up.  I really hope to transition soon to writing children's music only; that's where my real passion lies.  It feels so good to be doing what I love to do, whether I ever succeed in the material sense of the word is of no value to me.  For me, I've already succeeded because I get to do what I love to do everyday with encouragement from the people I love.  That's really success!

I'm really proud of this piece, and so happy and grateful to share it.  I'll include the translation below:

If I were a little bird
And had two little wings,
I'd fly to you.
But as it can't be
But as it can't be,
I always stay here.

I'm also far from you,
I'm by your side in dreams
And I talk to you.
When I wake up,
When I wake up,
I'm on my own.

There is no hour in the night,
In which my heart doesn't wake up
And think of you,
That, more than a thousand times,
That, more than a thousand times,
You give your heart to me.


yaffle said...

I'm so lucky to have you giving me music to work on, it's like we are all in one big shared workshop. and thank you for getting me out of my creative black hole.

our national space said...

i am very fond of this scattered group of friends and artists :-)

Nordica said...

thanks a lot for this version, both yaffle and owlphanumeric!

For me, this song is a fond childhood memory, including the tinge of sadness it contains. - I remember it from my first piano song book, with bright illustrations...

thanks for digging up this gem once more.

Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

you are a shint star Callie ♥
i wish i had your talents!

Ethan said...

I dig it.

Ruthie said...

i'm so struck and moved! wow. beautiful all around. callie-- i love your voice and uke on this! crazy crazy good.

Andrew said...

If you became a children's musician!!!! Raffi doesn't stand a chance, and I'm generally a fan of Raffi. Couple it with yaffle's animations! I seriously want you two to make a children's tv show, somebody with connections needs to take notice and fund it.