Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who took my Badjas?

I get it, Belgium is a small country.  In defense of it's smallness though, I would like to say that there are so many brilliant, creative people here; there have been for centuries.  Yesterday Roel and I went back the the Rubens House...y'know, one of the homes of Peter Paul Rubens in the center of Antwerp?  The man was a genius, and then there are all of the amazing Belgian fashion designers, actors and musicians etc etc...  I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are is a lot of talent here; there are a lot of creative things to be proud of.

But when a commercial like this one actually sweeps the nation, I become a little confused...and a bit concerned.  And I don't mean that a few people like the commercial, I mean it's SWEEPING THE NATION!  There are teenagers running around with lines from the thing as their ringtone, the actor in the commercial has become an overnight sensation...unfortunately, nobody seems to remember what the commercial is advertising.

When I watch it, all I see is some guy speaking Flenglish, which is basically the language of my life.  Flenglish is what we speak at home, what my kids speak to each other and how Roel speaks to almost everybody.  In fact, there are some English words that I never use anymore...I never ask for the duster and's always the stoffer en blik, and "store" has been forever replaced by "winkel".  The list goes on and on.  My point is that I understand Flenglish.  I even think it's a good idea to parody it in this country since Belgians use so much English, but this commerical...well, it just plain sucks.  See for yourself.

In such a creative country with so many creative people, couldn't they have made this idea just a little less annoying?  Or maybe I'm missing the mark,  it's just brilliant...and I'm just another American who doesn't "get it".  Who knows...


yaffle said...

I agree, that is a rubbish advert. stoffer en blik sound like a vaudeville act.

our national space said...

So, you only speak English to the Internet? wow! Throw in a couple of Flemish words in your songs: "Roel winked at me at the winkel" lala :-)

Andrew said...

Give me back my badjas!

I wish the subtitles were english, instead of more dutch.