Sunday, March 8, 2009

spring fever

there's this strange thing that happens to me every year around his time.  i get spring fever...big time.  i start feeling this gut need for sunlight, and i daydream about planting enormous gardens.  i begin to crave summer fruits and vegetables...and strangest of all, i have this uncommon urge to sniff cucumbers.  

my taste in music changes too.  fall and winter are a very electronic time for me musically,  but in spring and summer i'm all over the more organic sounds of the grateful dead, jai uttal and the like.  

i also noticed a strange "time" thing with myself.  the last few days i've been waking up much earlier, going to bed much earlier and thinking it was later during the day when it happened to be earlier.  it all seemed to make sense when my mother told me the time changes back home today.  it doesn't change here in belgium until the 29th.

basically, what i'm trying to say is that even after living here for more than 8 months, my clock is still on the west coast, after all, spring is still a LONG way off here.  it's still unbelievably cold, windy and gray.  my head is in winter, but my body is completely in spring.  

i'm dying for a tomato warm off the vine...and for a backyard BBQ with friends and a good, cold bottle of white wine.  


our national space said...

WHAT! You've lived in Belgium for 8 months already? geesh time is flying! I've 'followed' your move haha. Spring is too awesome - it affects me very much, too! :-)

Ruthie said...

Not to make your Spring fever worse... but... we're preparing our garden this weekend, getting ready to plant the first round of seeds. This year's crop will include beets, carrots, brocolli, peppers, tomatoes, lettuces, snap peas, soy beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, squash. And tonight, we're having family over for turkey hot dogs and turkey burgers off the grill. It just seemed so a propos that you were talking about the exact stuff that my day is made of today! I love you!

yaffle said...

how is one supposed to dress for this multi-climate atmosphere you're trapped in?? summer clothes topped off with a wooly hat/scarf combo is your best bet.

billilovesmargot said...

i totally agree... seasons have soundtracks... i'm dying to listen to broken social scene again but it doesn't feel right to in the cold. i can't wait for warm weather!

p.s. that craigslist link was hilarious!!!