Tuesday, January 27, 2009

moon moods etc. and such inc. and co.

I feel strange today.  Actually, I feel that thing that I feel right before I have a creativity explosion.  It's something between feeling a bit aggravated, antsy and borderline crazy.  The only thing that calms it is to hash it all out - to write write write, and strum strum strum, and write write write and sing sing sing.  It's the only way to quiet the beast.

I always wonder if other creatives feel this "thing".  I assume they do; I wonder what causes it.

which brings me to another (only very slightly) ADD moment: I've been tracking the correlation between the moon cycles and my moods...very interesting!  At the moment, here in Belgium there is no visible moon - I think it's something like 0, 01% full.  And here I am feel wildly, explosively creative!  I wonder how I'll feel when the moon is full.

oh...and i also have the insatiable appetite to listen to sebastien tellier...go figure!


yaffle said...

what causes it in me is a collection of ideas swirling in my head which I can't make my cursed hands do anything with.


listening to tellier :)

Anonymous said...

love the title of this post. and i know that restlessness. for me it feels like how a cat must feel when she races unexpectedly with ears turned sideways-- stops, licks a paw, and then bolts again...

our national space said...

honestly i tried to think of what to write (yesterday and today) but nothing seems right - but i enjoyed your entry :-)