Wednesday, January 21, 2009

back to the future

I guess I'll start with now and work my way into the past several weeks.  There are so many things I want to show you and tell you about!

First and foremost, let me tell you about my new obsession, knitting.  While I was in Cali. my Mom finally taught me how, and ever since then I've been a knitting machine!  It's very soothing and gives me something to do on these chilly - ok, bitter and freezing - days and nights.  Above is photograph of a scarf I made in a pattern called 'little shells'.  This is a wonderful activity that lets me express my love and friendship; I get to make cozy things for all the folks I care about.

It was quite a shock when we returned to Belgium from California where the weather was only chilly, yet sunny.  Antwerp was covered in a cold, white blanket!  The trees were white with ice and snow.  Even though it was frigid, it was really beautiful.  So there you see my little family complete with handsome husband and fabulous boys, and a snowy street here in Mortsel.

And this is the beach we love, that we were so sad to lave behind!  

One of the greatest lessons I've recently learned is how easy it is to take our home towns for granted.  I grew up in a part of California that is magical; rich with produce, majestic landscapes and super-friendly people.  I've spent so much of my life so eager to get out of the valley, that I never took the time to just appreciate the place I grew up in.

I appreciate it even more now after yesterday's inauguration of President Obama.  Roel and I gathered around the television with the boys and just soaked up every moment of it.  I was so excited, I was shaking like a leaf!  It feels so good to have hope for they United States again.  It feels so good to have a sense of pride again!  I must admit that the image of our new President with the Vice President and their wives standing on those steps waving goodbye to Bush as they put him on that helicopter had me clapping and whooping with joy!  Wasn't that a gorgeous image? The four of them standing arm in arm, waving goodbye to the past and welcoming a brighter future together with each other, and with us!  what a moment!  i'll never forget it as long as I live.

Oh, on a side note: while we were in Fresno at my favorite grocery store, Whole Foods, I purchased a fantastic documentary about the central valley called, 'A Land Between Two Rivers'.  For local friends and family who read my blog: you should definitely try to find this movie; it's fantastic!  The footage, interviews, stories and photographs are really great.

love to you all! who needs a scarf??!! ;-D


Anonymous said...

loved your post. loved the family photo. loved the shell pattern in your scarf. loved seeing you while you were out here. love you!

yaffle said...

it is too cold in our parts of europe, so your new knitting skills are most welcome. nice to see the family!

obama escorting bush to the helicopter JUST TO MAKE SURE he really was gone was indeed great.