Monday, December 22, 2008

tea and t.v.

Megan left yesterday morning...and now I'm busy trying to get my house back to normal just in time to mount the big airplane on wednesday.  But flying to America isn't what this blog is about.  Let me try to get refocused.  What this blog is really about it how wonderful it is to have friends here in Belgium with me, but also how difficult it is for me.  You see, I'm one of those people who are a slave to my "ways".  I have ways of doing thing at certain times of the day; and when those things get screwed up, Callie gets a bit cranky.  I also really like having a bit of quiet time to play my ukulele and ponder my ponderings.  

In the last two weeks i've been out of the house A LOT!  And in most ways it's been fantastic; seeing a million stores I'd have never otherwise noticed, trying new foods and beers (Grimbergen is my current favorite), and Megan and I have had lots of time to chat and laugh.  But lets not forget that I like to be at home with the doors closed and the curtains drawn, the radio on and a cup of tea and me curled up like a cat on the sofa with my cat...that's my idea of really close to perfect.

So as bitter as it was taking Meg to the station yesterday, in some ways It's also sweet because I can get back into my rhythm for a couple days before I descend back into the central valley of Cali. to indulge in egg nog and pie.  These little experiences teach me so much about myself.  I have really discovered how possessive I am of certain little things that are precious to me such as my favorite cup, my kitchen, the way I fold clothes.  

These precious little things and moments I believe, just maybe, are a bit more precious to me than they might be to the ordinary person.  Cups, books, sweatered owls, m&m's, quiet time, certain TV programs and films, radio stations and records...these things are all so special to me.  I'm selfish about my precious "things", and though it might be a personality flaw, I appreciate how much these things mean to me.  I appreciate my nostalgia and adoration.  

I just boiled water and went to get my favorite tea out of the cupboard only to realize that a certain best friend of mine has managed to drink it all!  pfft...!


yaffle said...

tea does taste better when it's sipped from your fave cup though doesn't it? if it's dirty and I have yo use one of the lesser cups then the day is ruined. I'M NOT EXAGGERATING.

I am totally going to steal your favourite cup.

callie said...
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