Monday, December 1, 2008

Mariam's Birthday...zomg she exists and she's wonderful!

I just want to take a second to say happy birthday to Mariam.  I'm grateful to her parents for putting her here...and i'm thankful to whatever forces brought us together.  

The people who know me best will tell you that I'm not one to really let too may people in.  It's funny, because 'callie' means 'fortress' - and I really am quite a fortress in many ways.  I have the same 3 friends that i've had forever, and the truth is that I am really not interested in making new friends or letting new people in.  It's kind of a flaw in me, and I do know that.  I have a tendency to build a wall around myself when I meet new people.  I usually come off as rude, and i've been told by almost every single person that i've managed to really become friends with that the first few times we met, they were intimidated by me.  I really hate that I behave this way...but the harsh truth is that I do.

But the flipside to this personality defect is that when I find a kindred spirit in the world, my heart blossoms and I let them in and keep them in forever and ever.  I can honestly count on two hands the number of people I've honestly let in, and Mariam is one of them.  It never matters the space that separates us, I consider her a true friend, and I really love her.  

On her birthday, I wish we could've had champagne and giggled and shared secrets - and I wish I could've told her in person what our friendship means to me, and how much she inspires me.  I know she inspires us all, and that her love for us is palpable.  I can't wait for the day when we can celebrate all the birthdays we've missed together.  

It's all of you who make being so far away from everything I know manageable.  Even the ones of you that are hibernating ;-)


yaffle said...

well hello miss fortress, me and the gang will always be dawdling outside your battlement walls singing songs and drawing pretty pictures to entice you out.

mariams birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is a lovely lady.

*pokes hibernating person with a stick*

our national space said...

what a wonderfully sweet blog for a present :-) thanks for 'letting us in' for a bit - and happy birthday to the lady, too! :)

zzzzzzane said...

intimidated by you. ...yes i've gotten that too. but i think i'm opening up more..!!

and mariam's birthday. what a truly wonderful person. i have to heart all over her blog page.

Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

oh callie! you are so freaking sweet! you always seem to have the power to say just the thing that hits me square in my beating little heart! you telling me these things means the world to me.

i very rarely bond with other women like i have with you. that's why i was so stoked when i met you and discovered... yeah, this chick is alright!! and ever since, i've grown to love you very much!! you're just the right amount of dirty and wholesome, silly and sane, and creative and inspired by life. not to mention open minded ♥

i was just telling yannick how i miss you a lot when we don't talk often and how if we were gay, i would ask you to be my
girlfriend :-)

despite your walls, you've always have been loving to me and i can't thank you enough for enriching my life with your callie-ness. sincerely.

now that i'm soooooo old i don't take for granted these things!

i love you ♥

and did you see the animation yaffle made? omg! i just want to hug that guy soooo bad! you realize he is immortalizing us!

when humans have long died out and aliens search our ruins for clues about our existence and when they find my un-deteriorated laptop and plug it in and view my collection of downloaded youtube videos (cos that's how it's going to go down) they are going to say, wow, whoever this mariam girl is, aka siutk aka goo, she sure has some totally awesome friends!

thank you for this, little fortress ♥

p.s. i had an amazing birthday. i celebrated most of the weekend AND again last night. lots of my old skool west coast friends came into town and other peeps too cos of thanksgiving were around to celebrate with me. i had some drinks, but never too much and the bows on my head lasted all night in spite of all the head hugs i received :-)

p.s.s. i will tell my parents of your gratitude. btw, did you know i was born at home in morocco and my dad delivered me? my dad was working at the american embassy back then and my mom who was very pregnant started to have me in the middle of the night, with out much warning. with no time to go to the hospital she and my dad delivered me in their bedroom. he later told me he cut my umbilical cord with a kitchen knife and tied it with sewing string. he must've done a good job, my belly button is perfect :-)

and that concludes the story of my birth ♥

love you again