Tuesday, December 23, 2008

happy festivus

Just wanted to wish you all a happy festivus before I get on the big bird tomorrow and fly to the v-town (my home-town, as it's known by the folks who live there) for the holidays.  We'll leave tomorrow and return the 8th.  In the meantime, I hope that all of you beloved little creatures have a snuggly warm christmas and new year.  you're all in my heart, so I'll carry you with me through my adventures in the next couple of weeks.  And I'm sure you know (mariam, yaf, matthias, and ONS) I'll miss our daily word ping-pong and inspirational, artistic, sarcastic, brilliant fun!

And for the Visalia-folks that I'll be seeing in only a day...yeah!!  See you soon!   Make plenty of egg nog!  I'm on my way!


yaffle said...

and a pleasant winterville to you too! have a good journey, you must be super exited.

missing you already!!!!!!!!!! :P

our national space said...

have a great trip - and lotsa fun :)

zzzzzzane said...

have a wonderful journey and enjoy enjoy!