Friday, December 19, 2008

good times...

i've seen more of antwerp in the last few days then i've seen in the last several years.  megan and i have left no stone unturned.  we've gone into every single shop we've passed by...and not surprisingly, we've found some amazing things...take for instance stew and timmy (which i'd like to show you, but then i'd be ruining my mother's birthday gift).

we've also had some strange (extremely strange) experiences since both meg and i have the tendency to wave our freak flags.  the other day we were strolling through a botanical garden when all of a sudden some crazy man wearing an orange blanket ran up to us and started telling us all of these strange random things including "yes, just like the old flemish saying 'it's like 4 hands on one belly'!!!" and "yes, i was born in 1966".  i honestly have no clue what he was talking about, but meg and i somehow got through to him that no, we weren't going back to his house with him (actually, to be honest, it was ME who somehow politely explained to him that we couldn't go with him; it was MEGAN who was hiding in the fancy glass sculpture store while i did all the talking.

we also managed to reinforce the european stereotype that american girls are silly and out of control since most of the time we've been wandering the streets laughing hysterically and pretty much embarrasing ourselves.  


yaffle said...

'it's like 4 hands on one belly' hahahahaha, I'm going to start saying that to people.

botanical gardens are great, I like the humid bio domes that some have, I always want to curl up and have a snooze amongst the cacti.

that crazy man was probably the mayor of antwerp.

Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

Sounds like a gay ol' time!! i'm very glad to hear of your adventures.

we got over a foot of snow in the last two days so I'm getting a touch of cabin fever up in here. a nice warm greenhouse sounds inviting right about now. green. warm. gimme.

zzzzzzane said...

the crazies flock to you eh?! haha. congratulations on successfully communicating with him!!