Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Visalia Unified School District, eat your heart out!

I remember when the holiday season began to roll in as a kid.  Right about this time every year we were given a thin catalogue of terrible gifts that nobody really wanted to buy, at which point my Mother would force me to go door-to-door down our little dirt road in the country.  Usually people would buy something even though they obviously didn't want to.  Gift-wrapping paper was always a top seller, right alongside the always favorite "#1 grandma" mug.

Can I tell you how much I HATED selling crap door-to-door, and how badly I wished we could just sell those Helen Grace Eggs for every holiday fundraiser?  I hated selling that crap.

So, the years have gone by and now I have children of my own who attend schools who have fundraisers.  When we were living in the states the boys brought home the same terrible catalogues from school every year.  I must admit, I caved and bought some terrible smelling candles and ugly wrapping paper to support the school.  I do want to support their education; that's really important to Roel and I.  Well, it looks like this year, it's gonna be a WHOLE lot easier to support the kids and their school.

This eight year old and six year old are selling...Champagne.   No, I'm not kidding!  Champagne!  Can you believe it?  I swear, I almost fell over when I read that!  There's even a selection.  You have your choice between the 'Duc de Foix Cava Brut',  'Duc de Foix Semi-secco', 'Duc de foix Cava Rosado', and of course the 'Kidibull Kinderchampagne' because the kids need to drink too!  Some-blog I'll have to tell you about the table beer kids drink here in Belgium, but thats a WHOLE different story.

So, this year it doesn't look like the kids are going have to have work too hard getting folks to participate in the fund raiser.  I think America could really learn something here....but then again, nothing beats those Helen Grace Eggs; I guess the U.S. and Belgium have something they can learn form each other;-)


bwhahrhr said...

Are you sure your sending your kids to a school for kids and not grape-farmers and wine-brewers (I dont know what the right for wine-making is)? :)

I like seeing that despite potential home-sickness your situation seems to be more enjoyable, at least when it comes to christmastime-fundraisers.

The Human Carrot said...

Sign me up for a case!

yaffle said...

if they did that here our schools would be like mansions!