Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So...tomorrow is Thanksgiving, aka my most favorite holiday.  Belgium obviously doesn't celebrate my beloved turkey day, and to add insult to injury i'll be in school all day on Thanksgiving.  But have no fear!  I won't let them spoil my favorite day - even though my family and friends are all a bazillion miles away.  We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday.  And lets not forget that I have no we'll be having some sort of alternative menu (which i'm sure will still be delicious).

Yeah, I do feel sad about it, its true.  But I'm also excited about making new traditions; finding new ways of making Thanksgiving special.  I only wish I could have all of you here with me.  That would really make things perfect.


yaffle said...

hope you are having a pleasant thanksgiving miss roadcap, and good luck with your delicious new thanksgiving menu of wonder.

Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

yes, we expect to see photos of your delicious creations. ♥