Tuesday, November 4, 2008

a rad recipe

ok, let's all be clear here.  i know, yes, I KNOW, that this post is extremely boring and that four out of the five people who read this blog...ok, three of four of you will NOT be interested in the post.  the thing is, as i've said before, i have no oven...which makes me want to lose my mind.    so i've had to be creative with recipes and make due with what i have. i keep saying to myself that when i finally have an oven again, i'll be especially grateful for it.

so, anyhow, i stumbled upon this slow-cooker turkey breast recipe in a gooseberry patch book and tried it...and it's fabulous.  honestly!  i make it about once a week now, and it makes the whole house smell like thanksgiving day, and really, it's the best tasting turkey i've ever had.  plus, it uses only a few ingredients - and i love simple food.  so, here's how it goes:

1. throw a stick of butter in the bottom of your crock-pot
2. cut a few fat, juicy organic carrots into big chunks and throw in the pot
3. cut 3 or 4 ribs of celery and throw 'em in
4. chop up an onion (or several shallots, which i prefer) and throw 'em in
5. throw your turkey breast on top, and season it up however you want
6. pour a pack of good quality, organic broth over all and throw the lid on - cook all day

so there you go.  here i am blogging recipes on the internets...wow.  but, really - this recipe is wonderful...try it and let me know how it goes!

and as a ps to my dear (and in real life!) friend ruthie:
a: i totally miss pretty much everything about costco...
b: of course i read ethan's blog!  at which point i'm overwhelmed with jealousy...
c. i will totally eat your stone-fired pizzas - and anything else you want to feed me for that matter;-)
d. i love you


Nordica said...

Heh. I love finding recipes online.
I always find those interesting! Right now I am copying down yours - it does give me something else to do that stare at the "results in 5 hours 30 minutes" elections galley that Google put up!
And I can not believe you are living without an oven... you, without breadbaking?! Gasp!

Our National Space said...

Haha! Costco is awesome! :-)

yaffle said...

one day I will cook this, in the mean time I will live off the land.

Ruthie said...

i LOVE you too! Obama's win tonight... watching the world celebrate, watching the African-Americans celebrate here...I thought of how you must feel over there. Miss you especially when America does something right.

bwhahrhr said...

Cooking is awsome, sadly lazyness has caught me with its iron grasp! (: