Thursday, November 20, 2008


so...tomorrow's the day.  i begin imburgering.  now - this wouldn't be such a big deal if i were just some normal, mentally stable person.  but as a person who is a bit nervous in the outside world, being away from 8am - 5 something p.m....well, it's a bit traumatic.  

and just finding the place is going be a miracle.  we went yesterday to see where the place was so that i could be  a bit less nervous.  we did find it, and to be honest i can't even remember how we got there.  all i know is it's in borgerhout somewhere, and i get off at a tram stop called "drink" which is exactly what i want to do when i think of how stressful this whole imburgering thing is!

i've got a pimple on my face from stress.  which annoys me.  and i have a patch of eczema on my leg from stress...and cold...which is itchy and annoys me.  too much information? well, you're all my friends and family so i know you can handle it;-)

anyway, if it seems like i've dropped off the face of the planet in the next several me, i'm still here. i'm just stuck in a classroom in borgerhout having the time of my life...i'm sure.


yaffle said...

I too am a nervous nelly, always a little too anxious to get back home even though the place is a dump, and even when there are amazing things like squirrels and ferris wheels and sunsets outside.

I want to make you a packed lunch.

callie said...

i would SO eat that packed lunch!

...i never even thought about that...i'm going to need to pack a lunch! oh jeez...

our national space said...

if possible, enjoy the outside and think of it as collecting ideas for yaffle-songs and blogs - btw, a packed lunch from yaffle is a walnut butter sandwich with really rough wheat bread, one stalk of celery and a small jar of rain water (and a note with a silly little sketch)

yaffle said...

one person here won't be getting one of my famous packed lunches, that's for sure!


whats wrong with my jars of rain water, I collect it from a barrel in the garden, it's fairly clean :(

callie said...

yummmmmm....rain water!!!! ;-)

Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

I don't know what imburgering is but i assume it has to do with your Dutch integration right? Don't be scary Callie. ♥

I'm just noticing that we all have (mildly) the same disorders. How cool is that!

Yaffle's lunch sounds delightful!!