Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a cat stevens must have

so - roel surprised me last friday by bringing home this record.  i had been whining for a few weeks that i needed some cat stevens in the house, and he obliged!  but, not only did he buy me a cat stevens record, he bought me THE cat stevens record! the albums is called 'numbers - a pythagorean theory tale'.  it follows the rock opera style of the who and pink floyd, but with the gentle rock flavor that only cat did so well before he became yusuf islam.  actually, i've been listening to his 'another cup' album that he made as yusuf in 2006...and he's still got it.  in fact, he might be better than ever.

but, back to numbers, this might be the most fun, creative work of his career.  it's dreamy and silly (which i love) and incorporates the voice of art garfunkle (whose been invading my dreams a lot lately which is strange and marvelous).

anyway, cat stevens + math songs + vinyl = awesome!


yaffle said...

I like track 5, however I was disappointed to discover that song is called Banapple Gas and not Pineapple Cats as I thought.

is that joelovesyou on the cover?

bwhahrhr said...

My insightfull comment was vanquished by an avalanche of laughter that errupted after reading yaffles comment.

I will be back and hopefully be able to ignore that british deviant's comment!