Thursday, October 9, 2008

never in america...

Never in America would you see nudie photos in a sandwich shop.  This makes me love Europe even more.  Let me explain. 

Last Saturday Roel and I took the kids out for some shopping.  We decided to stop into Panos (which is sort of like Togo's) for some yummy sandwiches.  We got our food and found a table upstairs.  I was speaking to Jonas across the table when I happened to glance up above his head, only to discover a giant butt staring back at me.  OK, so a naked bottom isn't such a big deal.  Then I glanced to my right only to discover a pair of boobs staring back at me.  Not only boobs, though - but the whole shabang! WOW!

I sort of had the feeling that I got my moneys worth and then some.  Pay for your sandwich and get gratuitous nudity for free!  

Now, this would never and I mean NEVER happen in America.  First of all those photos would never go up, and if they did, some group would protest them down within hours if not minutes.  Literally, there would be a full-blown uproar over what is, in my opinion, something totally natural.  Did I mind my children sitting in a restaurant with these very tasteful artistic photographs?  Not a bit.  On top of that, they didn't notice?  Even if they had I don't think they would have been too impressed.  Put a transformer on the wall, or some lego and THEN you'd have their attention!

I have a point...I'm getting to it!  So, the thing is this.  I love America.  I really do.  I was an American kid in the 80's in what were good times!  In America's past, we have had good political moments, which I felt as a kid.    What has happened???  It's simple.  Much of America has NOT (as my mom says) "majored on the majors, and minored on the minors".  Many people have gotten so incredibly emotional about artistic nudity, or cuss words etc etc etc...and they haven't worried a bit when the wool was being pulled over their eyes and their country was being thrown into the trash can for involvement in situations that they have been lied to about!  On top of that, they haven't asked questions.  Many educated and good-hearted Americans have allowed their government to deceive them by having faith in people who do not have their best interest in mind.

My point is this.  The photos shocked me at first, because I grew up in a culture where even tasteful nudity is not acceptable.  And yet, a country who condones mass killing for some oil money.  

Now I am an adult  I get to make choices for myself and for my children.  I say that some beautiful naked photos in the sandwich shop is A-OK.   I say, ask questions and find the truth!  I say RELAX!!!  And I say, as mom says: "Major on the majors, and minor on the minors".

PS: My mom is really good at saying things like "major on the majors and minor on the minors", but she isn't always great at taking her own advice.  She also says "Everything has a place, and everything in its place" and  "you're perfect just the way you are", which we all know is complete rubbish.

PSS: Panos makes fab. sandwiches...mmmmmmm...;-)


zzzzzzane said...

growing up in germany...i never noticed or thought anything of the sex shops and strip bars and nudity at the beach.
i only noticed when i went back to visit...i had been north americanized.

yaffle said...

I must visit this shop, purely for the delicious sandwiches you understand. I think the UK is fairly similar to the USA in attitudes to nudity, but we do have national newspapers which boast topless models on page 3, not that I buy that particular newspaper and get it delivered to my door every morning, perish the thought.

Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

Quite thought provoking Callie. I am reminded that I was born in a country where most women had to cover their hair to seem respectful. And their wrists. And their necks. And their ankles. And everything in between. And to think Morocco is one of the more relaxed middle eastern countries. But by comparison, I am glad I grew up in America.

But sadly, if I had children now, I wouldn't want to raise them here...

bwhahrhr said...

My english teacher was an american, a very nice, well educated, old and fundamental christian woman.

Every 2nd class she would give us a long long speech of why we will burn in hell, and everyone laughed at her. Exept one sad and depressed femnazi-friend of mine, who agreed with her that public display of female nudity is horrible. On the otherhand, naked men in public with six-packs seemed to be quite enjoyable to her.

I came here and got more for my moneys too. A wonderfull blog and some old and almost forgotten memories. :)