Thursday, October 23, 2008

nederlands 1.2

Today I began my second Dutch language course, which is actually Flemish (because if these people think they're teaching Dutch...they're wrong).

Let me begin this rant by catching you up.  I recently finished my Nederlands 1.1 course.  The teacher was nice and the group of students are fabulous.  We all worked really hard and the entire class passed (which wasn't difficult since you only need 50% to pass).  I got 96%, which (to be perfectly honest), i wasn't happy with.  I really wanted 100%...i know that sounds lame, but I was really trying to push myself to do well.

Anyway, 8 of us continued to the second class, which is in the center of Antwerp.  The classroom is on the 7th floor. We have an amazing view of the city and Harbor.  The 8 of us combined with about 1o other people from a different class to make one large class.  

As it turns out, we a better class than the one we combined with.  They are WAY behind where we are, and they talk and whisper the entire time which is aggrivating.    Unfortunately, the teacher who taught that class is the teacher for this class as well.  This worries me a bit.  

I'm really hoping this lady can get her unruly students to be quiet, and I hope she can teach us well.  Today she mixed in a lot of german and english words and phrases into the lesson, which was strange...instead of saying 'heel goed' as you would in dutch, she said 'sehr gut'.  she also used the word 'whatever' constantly.

so...we'll see...

I'd really like to be speaking this language properly, and as soon as possible.  


bwhahrhr said...

Are you sure this is a dutch language class not a whateverian-language class? Maybe that was why the teacher said whatever so often.

Anyway, this sounds like potential "meh"-ness and I hope it turns out better than that.

Speaking of wich: 96% is better than 100. It prooves that your human and your friends know your perfect with or without those 4%.

Blah. But I can relate to wanting to have 100% and being disapointed.

yaffle said...

it's clear to me that it was the janitor who wandered into the classroom and started teaching, a clue might have been if most of the words being discussed related to mops, brushes and the best way to remove chewing gum from underneath a table.