Monday, October 20, 2008

comet dust (or 'my interest in the precambrian period as it relates to space age earth spermination via comet dust')

i watched a program on BBC
they said comet dust brought you to me

and the sea-life
and amoebas
and the kittens, the dragons and the zebras

the show said the comet was really cold
and full of space water bacteria and mold

and the sea-life
and amoebas 
and the kittens, the dragons and the zebras

now look at us, we live on earth
but we are so homesick, we want to return

with the sea-life
and the amoebas
and the kittens, the dragons and the zebras...


yaffle said...

what BBC channel do you get? if I ever made a vlog it would it would just be me talking about TV for ten minutes. I'm mike teevee out of willie wonka!

sometimes I'd like to get back on that comet, this is a super song.

Entscheidungsproblem said...

i get a lot of BBC channels...BBC news, world, discovery, life, health etc etc. thank goodness! i couldn't imagine watching nothing but flemish and french language television!

yep, i like tv. i also like the radio. i also like the lion in your hair.

La Coccinelle said...

You're so prolific! I envy you.
As far as telly goes, I don't even have one. Peace of mind.

bwhahrhr said...

comet dust?

I think my appartment is full with it. :)

Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

i really love what byou've been posting here. it's such a treat.