Monday, September 29, 2008

why oh why

confusion is the worst emotion when somebody passes.  Why did they go, where did they go, why am I still here and of course, when where and how will I go?.  Life is death and death is life.  It doesn't make sense NOT to sing about it.  I miss my brother and my daddy every day.  Their loss would be even sadder if I didn't sing about it sometimes.


zzzzzzane said...

i dont write my own songs (i admire you). i just feel, to emote. it helps

yaffle said...

very sweet, words fail me.

owlphanumeric said...

does that mean that i win;-)?

bwhahrhr said...

There is a poem by a german dude named Goethe, basicaly the german Shakespear, that is almost like your song.

It features the line:
Sleep is just a short short death.
Death is just a looooooooong sleep.

It remembered me instantly of yours, but I liked yours more.

Why, oh why?

owlphanumeric said...

oh why oh why??

Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

*choked up*