Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today I posted "beautiful science' on youtube.  But yesterday, the song was 'between'.  I recorded this, and was actually very happy with it.  Then, images began invading me and the song morphed into 'beautiful science'.  The intro became the first verse and the verses became the chorus...with different words, but deep at its core, the same idea.  The idea that serendipity is science at its most beautiful.   two songs, one theory, with stripes included free of charge.


yaffle said...

exclusive blog songs are the best because they are like totally special and secret and so so squeezable that they make me start talking like a valley girl!

owlphanumeric said...

like, omg! i am a real valley girl! like, for real! from the val, fer sure! i want to hear that zappa song;-)

bwhahrhr said...

Yeah like yaffle said. exclusive blog songs make me feel like I am some kind of geeky fan, in a nerdy fanclub that gets extra songs just to satisfy their unnatural high cravings for that band.

How do valley girls talk like?

Oh and your new avatar is awsomly hot :)

P.s.: I like stripes, free of charge or not.