Wednesday, September 17, 2008

still ode to humanity and horizontal stripes


yaffle said...

Is this an exclusive blog song? I could listen to it all day.

owlphanumeric said...

exclusive blog songs are fun...and EXCLUSIVE! ;-D

La Coccinelle said...

Magnificent! I love your songs.
(by the way, I'm Janeczka from the 'Tube ;) )

bwhahrhr said...

I love reading your blog, even more now. This feels like a secret-good-morning-club

and yes this is much better for drinking tea and eating ceareals (Muesli?) to, while still being halfway in dreamland :)

I will do as yaffle wrote.

Goo said...

I found you! And what a great jewel of a song! Made it worth the effort.

Actually, I used to have a blog here (before YouTube stole my heart) so it was quite little effort at all actually. Xo