Friday, September 26, 2008

Bangs and LDK

I finally got the guts to trim my own bangs again today.  Last time I trimmed my bangs, it was a disaster.  As if you didn't notice they were cut, that wasn't on purpose...  Anyhow, today I got the scissors out and went for it. They aren't perfect, obviously.  But, they are above my eyebrows so I can see again, which is always nice.  Bangs!  yeah!

Also, I had a magical evening.  Roel, Tom and I went to see Lonely Drifter Karen.  They were fantastic, to put it mildly.  What an amazing performance.  There were only about 20 people in the small theatre, which was actually really nice.  She (Tanja Frinta) has such a wonderful voice, and the drummer and pianist were incredible!  But my favorite thing about her was how her right sock, which began far above her knee and covered by her dress, slowly rolled down over the course of the performance.  By the end of it, one sock was about 6 inches lower than the other, which I know sounds random, but I found it charming.  They sort of suck you into their wonderful little world.  If you haven't heard them yet, go now!  Find their music and listen to it, its wonderful!

So, that was pretty much my day...a good day...Yaffle's video, my bangs, Lonely Drifter Karen...and Ira is coming into town tomorrow!  Nice!  Now I'm going to put my jammies on and watch a four year old episode of days of our lives,  eat cookies and cuddle my kitty.  


Red Eyes said...

I see you love interesting stuff and guessing you love books too but have you read the master and margarita?

bwhahrhr said...

Three cheers for deforestating your perivial vision. (I am to tired to look for the correct spelling, I ment that thing in front of your eyes - just saying in case I totaly butchered the word beyond recognition)

I think you did a very optical pleasing, if not magnificent job - though I have a hard time being objective on the topics that are you and that is bangs. I am afraid I am too biased maybe. blablabla.

I am going to listen Lonely Drifter Karen now and imagine I spent the evening with you Roel and your friend.

and yeah, Yaffle's video was awe-inspiring!

yaffle said...

you cut your bangs today? this explains why bwhahrhr felt a great disturbance in the force.

I am going to check out lonley drifter karen.

zzzzzzane said...

must listen to Lonely Drifter Karen now.

La Coccinelle said...

I cut my own hair too and I think it looks good!
Hurray for self-proclaimed hairdressers!
Got to check out that lady.