Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Officially Not a Psycho

Today I became a student again...a student of the Dutch language, that is...

I registered for my class today, but before they would let me register, I had to take a "psychoanalysis".  Yes, that's right, psychoanalysis.  I had to decipher all of these crazy code symbols, and put weird shapes in order.  It was...strange.  Fortunately, I passed.  To be honest, I'm quite surprised at how well I did.  Out of 100, I missed nine.  By the end of the test my eyes were beginning to cross and my ears were ringing.  Here's an example of a test question:

 ??????       ∆¬Ω     l˚∆¬Ω          
µ˜∫√˜∫        ???      ∫˜√∫˜µ  

So, lucky me, I don't have to go into the center of Antwerp to take my Dutch courses with all of the "psychos", since the Belgians have deemed me "not psycho".  Oh man, if they only knew!  I really pulled the wool over their eyes for this one!  Just wait till they get to know me better...

In the mean time, I am looking forward to finally learning this language.  I find it really beautiful, without all the harshness of Dutch, Flemish is a very romantic sounding language (at least I think so).  Antwerp has a noticeably flat sounding dialect that I think will pair very well with my very flat, California-valley-girl accent.  

My classes begin on September first at 8:45 am, and Psycho or not, the next six months or so should be really...interesting...


zzzzzzane said...

congratulations on not being psycho.
or ...basically people telling you something that doesn't really matter.

bwhahrhr said...

Zane is always quicker then me and now I am left without something originaly to say. Damnit.
What zane said.

P.s: That test-thingy blew my mind. I am confused, cold and frightned now. Hlep. ;)

yaffle said...

I saw an english football manager (managing a dutch team) trying to speak dutch to a local reporter, but instead of using any dutch words he just spoke in english but with a comedy-dutch accent, it was painful to watch. I can't be too smug though as I only speak one language myself.