Sunday, August 31, 2008

8 years old!

Today, eight years ago, Jonas was born. I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was frightened.  My Mother and Sister were there with me, and my midwife, Rita.  It was a long, difficult labor, but Jonas was born, a happy, healthy, beautiful baby boy.  My heart sang when he was born!

I remember those first few days and weeks.  Alone in bed with Jonas at night.  I could hardly sleep; I just wanted to stay awake and stare at him.  Some nights I could still stay awake all night long staring at him.  Now, though, Jonas and I aren't alone.  We are a complete family.  

I was so afraid when I first found out I was pregnant - the circumstances were less than good, but there were bigger plans  in store for me and for Jonas as well.  He was a blessing to me from the get-go, and proof that there are no such things as "mistakes".  Jonas and I share a very special, inexplicable bond...and on his birthday I do not think of all the scared, lonely nights I had leading up to his birth, but about the joy and enlightenment he's brought into my life.  

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bwhahrhr said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jonas!